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The Lady Marauder Basketball Boosters Club is a volunteer organization comprised primarily of parents, alumni, family, and friends organized to promote, assist, and financially support the MHS girls’ basketball program.   Marcus High School has a strong sense of community because of the relationship between its students, teachers, coaches, administrators and parents.  We are dedicated to providing a supportive environment where each student can have a positive experience and reach their maximum potential as a student and as an athlete. The booster club activities are led by the executive board under the guidance of the school principal, the LISD, and the UIL.  


Our goals are to:


  • Promote a closer relationship between the parents, students, and staff in an atmosphere of mutual cooperation, support, and respect. 

  • Provide support to the coaches and staff that will enable them to help our youth achieve their academic and athletic goals.  

  • Increase the community awareness of the positive aspects of girls basketball that develop the student/athlete into a whole  person.

  • Provide human resources and cash subsidies for the purchase of equipment and capital goods beyond the LISD budget to improve the girls basketball program

How can you help? Join the booster club.  It is that simple.

Booster Club parent volunteers organize and assist with many activities and events including concessions, the Athletic Banquet, Homecoming, yard signs, game programs, team posters, locker room enhancements,  and more.  The girls’ basketball program depends on the booster club, and booster club depends on its parent volunteers.   


Lady Maruader Basketball Booster is a non-profit 501(c)3. 


Looking for a Booster Club Contact?

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